Welcome to the MOMA website! This webside includes all the activities, publications and participants of the Markets, Organizations, Mechanisms and Agents (MOMA) project.


This network started in 2015.

The goal of this network is to study the performance of agents and organizations in markets and other decentralized mechanisms. This network is formed by five research groups from the following Spanish Universities: Universidad de Girona, Universidad de Granada, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Universidad de Málaga and Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Seville). The research areas are Games, Markets, Organizations, Political Economy, and Health Economics. The collaboration among these five research groups is actually the continuation of a collaboration that has been going on for a decade.

In particular, the network will allow:
1. To provide an environment for a discussion on issues related to the performance of markets and organizations and the design of mechanisms alternative to the market.
2. To consolidate the research team, fostering cooperation and scientific exchange with  foreign research groups.
3. To improve the scientific quality of the research made by the teams.
4. To ease the integration of young researchers in the international scientific community.

The performance of this network will be evaluated every two years. During this period we will carry on the work already started by the research groups, improving their interrelationship and networking with other teams with similar interests, emphasizing how to improve the welfare of the agents.

This network has started an active collaboration with the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) at the University of Osaka.




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