Working Papers

Here you will find all the working papers and papers provided by the work of the MOMA group participants. Most of them have been presented in the MOMA meetings organised by the network.

Working papers:

Correa-Lopera, G. (2017): When does the delegation of decisions become worthy? A comparison between direct and representative democracy, Mimeo.

Moreno, B., Ramos-Sosa, M.P. and Rodriguez-Lara, I. (2016): Conformity, Information and Truthful Voting.

Ansolabehere, S. and Puy, S. (2016): Issue-salience, Issue-divisiveness and Voting Decisions.

Puy, S. (2016): Income Taxation: Is progressivity fostered by the Left and hampered by the Right?.

García-Pérez, I. and Hidalgo, M. (2016): No child left behind? Evidence from the Program for School Guidance in Spain. Revised May 2016.

Moreno-Ternero, J. and van den Brink, R. (2016): The reverse TAL-family of rules for bankruptcy problems.

Ju, B.G. and Moreno-Ternero, J. (2016): Entitlement theory of justice and end-state fairness in the allocation of goods.

Ginsburgh, V., Moreno-Ternero, J. and Weber, S. (2016): Ranking languages in the European Union.

Moreno-Ternero, J. and Østerdal, L. (2016): The implications of equal value of life and prioritarianism for the evaluation of population health.

Ramos-Sosa, M.P. and Puy, S. (2015):  When Political Parties want to be Ambiguous but they can’t.

Albarrán, P., Hidalgo, M. and Iturbe-Ormaetxe, I. (2015): Schooling reforms, education and health: Evidence from EU-SILC, Revised June 2015.

Caballé. J. and Moro-Egido, A. I. (2015). On the Accumulation of Wealth under Aspirations. Barcelona GSE Working Paper No. 826.

Moro-Egido, A. I. and Solano-Garcia, A. (2015) The Ends Against the Middle: Attitudes Towards Taxation. ThE Papers No 03/15.

Beviá, C., Corchón, L. and Yasuda, Y. (2015): Oligopolistic Equilibrium and Financial Constraints.

Berga, D. and Moreno, B. (2014): Group Strategy-proofness in Private good Economies without Money: Matching, División and House Allocation, WP SSRN-id2467988 and WP773 Barcelona GSE.

García-Pérez, I. and Hidalgo, M. (2014): On the impact of pre-school attendance on primary school results, Mimeo, Revised June 2014.

Bárcena, E., Cortés, A. and Moro-Egido, A. I. (2013). The role of proximity and social comparisons on subjective well-being. ThE Papers No 10/13.

Moreno-Ternero, J. and Roemer, J. (2010): The political economy of health care finance.

López-Pintado, D. and Watts, D.J. (2009): Personal Influence Versus Mass Media.

Aldshev, G., Carletti, T., López-Pintado, D. and Righi, S. (2009): Social Networks, HIV/AIDS and Awareness Campaigns.

López-Pintado, D. and Jackson, M.O. (2008): Diffusion in segregated networks.

Beviá, C. and Corchón, L.: Dominant Strategies in Contests.

Corchón, L., Hammond, P. and Sempere, J.: Compensated Lindahl Equilibrium: Efficiency Theorems and Gains from Trade with Individual Production and Public Goods.

Corchón, L.: On the sustainability of the Welfare State.

Masera, F.: State, Religiosity and Church Participation.

Masera, F. and Yousaf, H.: The Charitable Terrorist: State Capacity and the Support for the Pakistani Taliban.

Serena, M.: Harnessing Beliefs to Stimulate Efforts in Constests.

Mavridis, C. and Serena, M.: Complete Information Pivotal-Voter Model with Asymmetric Group Size.

Serena, M.: Level-k Models Rationalize Overspending in Contests.

Corchón, L. and Serena, M.: Properties of Contests.

Ponsati, C. and Serena, M.: Rejoining a Ticket Queue.

Serena, M.: K-level Reasoning in Reciprocal Beliefs.

Sánchez-Pages, S. and Solano-García, A.: Immigration in Democracies: Enfranchisement versus Conflict.

Jiménez, N. and Solano-García, A.: Elected Oficials’ Opportunistic Behavior on Third-Party Punishment: An experimental Analysis, IVIE WP-EC 2015-04.

Moro-Egido, A.I., Navarro, M. and Sánchez, M.A.: Changes in Subjective Well-Being over Time in Germany, Mimeo.

Moro-Egido, A.I. and Jiménez, C.: The Role of Social Capital on Economic Growth, Investment and Productivity, Mimeo.

Moro-Egido, A.I. and Solano-García, A.: The Ends Against the Middle: Attitudes Towards Taxation, submitted to Public Choice.

Bárcena, E., Blázquez, M. and Moro-Egido, A.I.: The socioeconomic gradient in health: The role of intra-household resource allocation, Mimeo.

Bárcena, E., Blázquez, M. and Moro-Egido, A.I.: Intrahousehold allocation of resources and household deprivation, Mimeo.

Caballe, J. and Moro-Egido, A.I.: On the Accumulation of Wealth under Aspirations, Mimeo.

Kennett, C., Moro-Egido, A.I. and Panadés, J.: The Determinants of the Consumer Satisfaction in a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Chattopahdyay, S. and Moro-Egido, A.I.: Stationary Equilibrium in an Altruistic Economy.

Moreno-Ternero, J. and Østerdal, L.: Normative foundations for equity-sensitive population health evaluation functions CORE Discussion Paper 2014/31.

Hidalgo, M. and Iturbe-Ormaetxe, I.: Long-run effects on poverty of public expenditure in education. IVIE-Working Papers Serie AD 2014-06.

Calo-Blanco, A.: Health and fairness with other-regarding individuals, WP UPO 2017.4 (invited to revise and resubmit).

Calo-Blanco, A. and Villar, A.: Quality of education and equality of opportunity in Spain: Lessons from PISA, DT 6/10, Fundación BBVA.

Calo-Blanco, A.: The implications of luck for intertemporal equality of opportunity, Older versión available at: IVIE working-paper, WP-AD 2009-12.

Calo-Blanco, A. and Villar, A.: Education, utilitarianism and equality of opportunity, DT 13/09, Fundación BBVA.

Hidalgo, M.: Poverty in adulthood: personal and context factors. Evidence from some European countries, Working Paper ECON 15.14.

Hidalgo, M., Jiménez, N. and López, D.: Complex decisions: an experimental approach.

Hidalgo, M. and Robles-Zurita, J.A.: Education and political participation.

López-Pintado, D. and Moreno-Ternero, J.: The Principal’s Dilemma, CORE Discussion Paper 2009/03.

González-Rodríguez, P., Passarelli, F. and Puy, S.: A Theoretical Model of Party Switching in Legislatures.

Puy, S. and Ramos-Sosa, M.P.: Political competition between Heterogenous parties.

Gómez-Núñez, T., Hernández-Huelin, M. and Puy, S.: Educational system and labor force participation.

Barberà, S. and Moreno, B.: Top Monotonicity: A Weak Domain Restriction Encompassing Single Peakedness, Single Crossing and Order Restriction. WP297 CREA-Barcelona Economics 2007.

Barberà, S., Berga, D. and Moreno, B.: Single-dipped preferences, Mimeo.

Barberà, S., Berga, D. and Moreno, B.: Strategy-proof rules on binary ranges, Mimeo.

Barberà, S., Berga, D. and Moreno, B.: Two sufficient conditions for strategy-proofness: when are they necessary?, Mimeo.


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